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Live Web Events: Empowering Ourselves for Success

The decision to integrate web-conferencing or virtual events in my list of skills is proving to be a great decision! A consulting organization, which I am partnering with, is at the second stage of a competition for a large government contract that requires doing live training and meeting over the web. I have noticed over the last few months that such contracts are becoming increasingly popular.

I believe learning how to lead and participate in live web events is a definite way to empower ourselves for success in the future. What do you think? Please take a few seconds and answer the following two poll questions.

Thank you for your contribution.

Live Web-Conferencing: Getting Mentored and Trained to be Our Best

Do you or someone you know hideout instead of doing what you really want to do? That is, you see someone speak in public, write a book, or take a picture (as just 3 examples), better than you ever imagine you could; so you decide you could not possibly live up to their seemingly unimaginable standard. I have certainly done this. At that time, I never thought of finding gurus to mentor me, and help me become the standard of excellence I envision in myself.

As a facilitator with the International Black Summit (IBS), I have an opportunity to get in front of a room and lead events that guide people in getting clear on their vision for their lives, as well as acting upon the purpose they have for  themselves in the

Ghandi, a man who inspired so many to see their vision and do unimaginable things to make it happen.

world. However, I generally  have hesitated to put myself in front of any Summit room, because I just could not see myself leading an event anywhere close to the “A-list” facilitators.

When IBS facilitators expertly lead Summit events, they become like Ghandi; and virtually everyone in the room seems to clear a way to seeing their vision, and magically become filled with the adrenalin needed to act upon their deepest desires.

I used to see such facilitators as phenomenal gurus who put me to shame. “I can’t do what they do,” were the thoughts I used to place myself out of the limelight of Summit events and comfortably hideout among the participants. I could not motivate myself to rise above my fears, that is, until I saw an easy way to learn from these gurus with the aid of Internet technology.

With the collaboration of some IBS colleages, we decided we would step-up our game and work on letting our guru loose. The solution was to find the best of the best among Summit facilitators (and there are quite a few) and have them mentor us on being better facilitators. So we found 3 exemplary facilitators to mentor us. It didn’t matter that they were across the U.S., we ourselves were not in the same city. However we had the Internet.

For this group mentoring initiative, we  used live web-conferencing (including video) to set up and deliver a virtual information session, under the watchful eyes of our mentors. They listened to us, watched us, gave us homework, commented on our actions, made suggestions, and stayed in the background (mostly) as we facilitated our first live virtual session. It included 7 cities and more than 25 individuals  (participants and facilitators).

Not surprisingly, it will take a while to get up to, or near, guru standard. However; now I am in the game of being my very best at facilitating Summit events, and getting some serious mentoring.

What about you? What do you think of live virtual mentoring using web-conferencing technology? How could this play a role in your life.

A Gift for Toronto

For 10 years now, I have dedicated myself as a volunteer with the International Black Summit, planning and attending events around the world. Why? I want to help others get what I got.  I gained:

  • friendship, greater love of myself, and celebration of the gift of me, covered in the beautiful skin of my ancestors, feeling sometimes lost in a foreign world;
  • a continuous clearing so that I could look to see what life is saying to me, offering me;
  • realization of, access to, and fulfilment of my purpose and my vision for the world; and
  • a family that sang to me when I could see only death, friends that helped to bring me back with distinctions like ‘there is no out there,’ reminding me that the healing was in me.

I want to give this gift away to others.

Success Warrior Series: The Journey Has Began

Are you ready to change your life and bring greater success to you?

Napoleon Hill author of the best seller " Think and Grow Rich", based on his earlier research and course "The Law of Success."

Here is  an excerpt from the introductory e-book in the Success Warrior Series. Takes 10 minutes just to contemplate the journey you are about to go on. I am giving you a simplified and concise adaptation of Napoleon Hill’s classic work The Law of Success. There is nothing to do this week. Just prepare yourself to use this gift to make extraordinary things happen in your life.

Attached is a copy of the introductory e-book, which will prepare you for Book 1 on Collaboration and Teamwork. I have already introduced some of this information in this blog, but it will be of value to review this e-book and assess the quality of what I am giving you. All that is essential now is that you read the introduction below. Note, the books are free for now, so you can access the quality of what I am giving you.

Introduction to The Success Warrior Series

This is a series on the fundamentals of success. Success is very largely a matter of adjusting one’s self to the ever varying and changing environments, in a spirit of harmony and poise. Harmony is based upon understanding of the forces constituting one’s environment; therefore, this series is in reality a blueprint that may be followed straight to success, because it helps to interpret, understand and make the most of these environmental forces of life.

The Law of Success course on which this series is based has been tested and endorsed by some of the most practical minds of Napoleon Hill’s time. It was first used as a lecture and delivered by Hill in practically every city in the United States, over a period of more than seven years.

It was used by Hill as a basis for training of over 3,000 men and women in sales. The majority of these individuals had no previous sales experience. This training helped them to earn more than $1,000,000 for themselves and paid Napoleon $30,000 for his services, covering a period of approximately six months. Remember, this was in the early 20th century. Imaging what these amounts would be today.

The purpose of the sixteen laws covered in this series is to develop or help you achieve the success you desire. This is your business in life, or at least the most important part of it.

Success within this series means the achievement of your “Definite Chief Aim.” Regardless of what your major aim in life may be, you will attain it with much less difficulty after you learn how to develop the personality, alliances, negotiation skills that draw success.

You cannot enjoy outstanding success in life without power, and you can never enjoy power without sufficient personality to influence other people to cooperate with you in a spirit of harmony. This series shows you step by step how to develop such a personality.

Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

"Randy" Pausch (October 23, 1960 – July 25, 2008). At his last lecture, he looked his impending death in the face and joyous spoke of accomplishing our dreams.

A friend sent me a  great link to 12 Dozen Places to Educate Yourself for Free. This site has some good resources from a host of top-notch sources, including some of America’s best universities. It is filled with lectures and other post-secondary resources, which is particularly good for the academics among us. Me, I am particularly interested in gut-wrenching resources that push us to work hard to be the best of ourselves; and I found that too.

I came upon iTunes U (university), and found some real gems. In particular, my heart exploded as I watched the last lecture by the late Randy Pausch, several months before he was to die of Pancreatic Cancer. He was funny, he was explosive and he powerfully demonstrated what it meant to really live. He was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. In the lecture, he used his life as an example of what it is to not only go after and achieve our dreams, but also to help others achieve theirs. If you haven’t already seen this impactful video, I invite you to watch it now.

Much gratitude for the memory of Randy Pausch, and the privilege of being touched by his dreams. He demonstrated what it is to live powerfully in the moment – not focusing on yesterday’s pains or tomorrow’s gains. He reminded me that my energy and joy is not an expression of denial of any reality (his cancer or the effects of my stroke). It is instead a celebration of living in my dream, and contributing to the dreams of others. Life is not infinite for any of us. Yet if we live each day, focusing on each moment as an opportunity to add to our gift to the world, then a part of us becomes immortal.

Development Means Changing Self

 “If you want to change the world, start with you baby. Change you and everyone else will follow.”

These words were used by Jacob’s Lusk, in his rendition of Man in the Mirror, on this Wednesday episode of American Idol. He reawakened me, and brought me back to a day last week, when I was looking for a host for my new website. I decided to use HostGator. The problem came when I received an email saying that in order for the account to be approved, I needed to send them a copy of my driver’s license or my passport, and my credit card.  I had never before heard of this type of request. I was so shocked, that a migraine silently began pounding in my head. I was really upset.

I began to agonize over how I would get those digital copies of my I.D. “Use a digital camera or a cell phone,” I was told by the representative on the phone. There was no compromise. There also seemed no end to my agony. My daughter had lost the memory card in my digital camera. And don’t laugh, but I have no idea how to use the camera on my phone. I felt old. I thought, ‘what would it take if I wanted to go out and get the copies done’. But there was another aggravation. I lost my license since the stroke – and  felt seriously sorry for myself, disabled and helpless!

‘This is discrimination against the physically challenged and baby boomers’, I silently screamed. Or was it? Sure HostGator and a lot of technology-based businesses cater to the younger folks. But I realized I should just register my complaint and leave it at that. I should not be fuming at them. I should be fuming at myself!

It was time to look myself in the mirror and let go of those darn excuses I comfortably held on to. This is 2011 and no matter what age we are, we can learn and take advantage of all that technology brings. The world becomes different every day. Who am I to get mad or whine because things don’t stay the way I am use to? In the same way, I had to say to myself enough with these feelings of disability.  So what if I needed a ride to get a copy made?  Once I started thinking how I could get what is needed, instead of how HostGator was preventing me from moving forward, I saw that I could easily get a camera from my brother, who I saw every day.

Each day brings us great opportunities to overcome our excuses, and remind ourselves of our indomitable abilities to handle whatever life puts in front of us.  To stay fully present to who I am, I will keep my eyes focused on me, and away from the excuses which blind me.

Professional Development: High Quality and Free

Thanks to all those who took the time to complete the poll, and indicate what information you are interested in. It seems the majority of you would like information on professional development, which incorporates all the other areas such as social media.

Here is a link to an excellent free learning resource by the Goodwill Community Foundation. It covers various subject areas, but I was particularly interested in computer learning, as people are always asking me to teach them various computer applications. This is a good source for novice or advanced users. I especially appreciated the opportunity to get some additional lessons on PowerPoint 2007.

I get internet data mining information, and have a lot more for you in coming weeks. In this day and age, we pretty much have to engage in some professional development at least monthly, to increase, or at least maintain our value in today’s market place. As an example, I have extended my business as an information specialist, with a couple of opportunities related to social media and web-development. How did I become qualified enough to get paid in these areas? I find what’s hot in the world of professional development, and if it will enhance my skills, I find training and practice resources to help me learn.

What about you? Are you a self-directed learner?

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