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Hearing the Path to the Experiences We Desire

In mystical traditions, it is one’s own readiness that makes experiences exoteric or esoteric. The secret isn’t that you’re not being told. The secret is that you’re not able to hear.

These are the words of Ram Dass. My translation:

When it seems impossible to get what you want, it is not because you are not ready, nor is it because you are not given the information you need. It’s because you are not able to hear the thoughts that tells the path to all that you desire.

I used to think ‘I cannot write as good as the many good writers out there.’ I thought this over and over again, to the extent that I could not hear the buried voice of truth inside me.

“Write,” it said! “Your words convey emotion and touch people’s hearts.”

These thoughts penetrated my ear drums. But would soon be killed by a bombardment of worrisome, insecure thinking.

Today, I spend much time alone and in silence. As a result, I can often hear the gentle whispers of encouragement, pushing me towards writing and other success tools, things which ignite excitement in my gut.

I can finally hear the words “you are love. The pen belongs in your hand.” These words have long been pounding on my deafened ears. I am finally hearing and listening.

Are you hearing and listening to the way to the experiences you desire?

Recipe for Living Well Without Working Hard

If I work hard
     so that I may live well,
when do I stop working hard
     and start living well?

If I could talk to the youthful me, who wrote those lines some 20 years ago, I would say  ‘baby you can live well right here, right now! Here is a recipe that I learned after going through a serious health crisis that left me unable to work hard, and showed me how to live well.’

Do something every day for the good you want.
Make sure joy is a part of your daily routine.
Believe in your yourself.
Follow the divine forces which guide you.
Know you are never alone.

To help with following this recipe, check out this wonderful “Pep Talk from the Kid President to You.”

My Gift From 2012: Joy or Pre-Mature Death

DS-1225-3bwebHow did 2012 bring you forward on your quest to living your best life? The answer to this question may be a critical starting point for coming closer to our best selves in 2013. I got confirmation as to why I am alive, and what will heal me as I move forward!

In 2012, as I shared joyful laughter with my daughter, brought hope to stroke patients at the hospital where I volunteer, or chat cheerfully with Mobility drivers, I felt what it was to passionately contribute to life. This past year made it clear to me that I am here to bring joy, love and goodness to everyone around me! Obviously, I do not always do this. However, what I discovered from  increasing my post-stroke interactions outside of my home, is that this loving way of being is essential to my healing. It felt like a choice between the life which I am meant to live or death!

When I was angry, grudge-ful or unkind, I was almost always overcome with a bad headache (sometime a migraine), panic attacks, and severe difficulty thinking or making sense of things. On the other hand , when I was considerate of others, spread hope, or shared joyful feeling with others, I saw shocking brilliance from my stroke damaged brain.

For example I was playing a version of Family Feud at a Recreation Therapy session with patients and staff at the hospital.  I reluctantly agreed to represent my team in the final round of the game, where I competed against a representative of the other team. Each of us got points if we could come up with the number one answer to questions. I was scared of embarrassing myself, for I thought I was so much less than I was prior to the stroke. However, in seconds, I got all but one of the number one answers – better than I have ever performed. And this was no fluke, I did the same with another activity. I had to ask myself, where did that come from? Yet, I knew it was the joy and love I felt around me!

I am convinced  that joy not only gives life, it heals! I felt joy when I put love into my commitment as a mother, a trainer, or a friendly visitor to patients. My goal was to see people be and feel the best of themselves. As a result, they demonstrated joy and hope. They also spread their energy of growth, healing and prosperity to others close to them, such as myself.

2012 made it clear to me. Spread joy and I spread rejuvenation of my body and the body of those around me. The only other alternative would be to consume myself with the sad, frustrating, and sometimes terrifying pain, which resembles pre-mature death. I choose joy for 2013 and beyond.

Turning My Darkness Into Light

As the rain fell heavily on the pavement, my daughter and I emerged from the dry doorway of a high-rise apartment building, into the drenching night-pour. We were too anxious to get home to wait for the rain to stop; so we ran across the street and just kept on running towards our home.

It was a dark night, yet there was just enough light from the sky to help us see the road on which we were travelling. The rain soon disappeared; however, we had another worry. To go on, we had to choose between two routes. To the left was a route to a small hill, leading into a forested area. It was the shortest way; however, there was no outlined path. To the right was a narrow and winding road, carved out of the hill. The road was clearly defined, but there was no side-walk; therefore, we would have to make sure to let our feet stay close to the corners of the road.

Which path should we take? The decision was hindered by one not so small problem. Both routes were pitch-black, and we couldn’t see a thing. Also, I realized I had forgotten my flashlight, and it seemed too far to go back where we came from, to get it. To make matters worse, I was frozen still by my fear of being lost in the darkness ahead, no matter which way we took.

I woke up frozen still, with my indecision and my fear. ‘This is about my life’, I thought. I will not go back to my past, nor will I get swallowed by the inevitable looming darkness. There is, however, a third option.  It’s time to turn my darkness into light!

When I was younger, I travelled through many great moments and painful downpours in my life. The light carried me on its back, like a child, through my many darknesses.  Now that I am older, I must choose to become one conscious partner with the light, and turn the darkness into light.

I must trust and believe in the over-powering light that lives within me, the transforming power of the light that my human eyes cannot see.  All I have to do is ask God for the path which I must travel, silence myself, listen, and wait for the answer. If I hear step left, I must step left. If I hear step right, I must step right. If I am told to choose the path of my greatest human fear and pain, I must take that path. I must choose to become one with my divine light, and follow the way home to the many great things for which I came to this place.

One of the Most Important Questions of Our Life

If you were asked the question in the caricature below, what would be your answer?

After the stroke, this was the question that made me most fearful of dying. I did not want to leave this life, without feeling like I had contributed my best to this world.

The money I made or did not make, or the profession I had, were as far from my mind as Pluto is from the earth. The feeling that I had not done what I came here to do stuck to me like a second skin.

Today my life is focused on writing, speaking, teaching and communicating in any way I can, attributes for being our best selves in this world. In other words, I facilitate  and inspire conversations  that help people change their own lives as well as that of those around them and the organizations they serve.

Like me, many people have to change their focus and their attitude to contribute their very best to the world. It makes living, and the inevitable dying, so much easier.

As an inspiration, check out  Patti LaBelle’s 1984 song ‘I’ve got a New Attitude.’ Feel the joy and music  that she gives to the world. What do you do for the world?

Spirituality and Success

It’s been a long road; yet I have finally arrived! Like doubting Thomas, I crossed the bridge of my doubts, opening the way for me to arrive at a clearing. In this peaceful, open space, I know who I am and what I am called to do.

Years ago, two individuals working in the psychic realm told me the following.

  1. you are a messenger from God
  2. the pen belongs in your hand

Hocus-pocus crap, right? Plus, who the heck takes psychics and their generic messages seriously? Some would think I do, but it wasn’t the psychics that I took seriously. It was the words that immediately jolted through my body, and attached themselves to my memory.

You see when I speak or write about kindness, loves, compassion, fairness, understanding, listening  and many other spiritual ways, which bring joy and success into our lives, I experience true fulfilment. For in those times, I allow the divine voice to speak through me.

So why have I constantly blocked that voice. I was scared! I mean, no matter what my spirit says, how can I use my gift of speaking and writing to focus on spiritual behaviour! How can I make a living off that?!

Now, in this clear space, I can say to myself, ‘are you kidding!’ The joys, blessings and successes of many of our lives are all about how spiritual or Godly behaviours enabled us to bless others and how we were in turn blessed by a force much greater than ourselves. Great speakers, writers, leaders, like Ken Blanchard, make extraordinary living focusing on spirituality and God.

I can now choose to leave behind my demons, which were holding me back from writing and speaking about spirituality and success. I choose to spend my life listening for that still small voice, that all-powerful force, to bring to life the stories, and enable me to create other stories, that inspire great blessings and successes in our lives.

This does not mean I will not work on the communication projects, such as live web-based training, to which I have committed myself. I am still living my same life. The difference is, my focus is on spreading Godly or spiritual ways to achieve great joy and success in our lives.

What does this mean for my blog? You will see in the next post. In the mean time, feel free to share your thoughts on spirituality and success.

The Power of Your Mojo: The It Factor for Your Success

Part 1

What is your mojo, where does the word mojo come from, and what does it have to do with our success?

Mojo is a term said to have its origin in Africa. African slaves brought with them amulets, or charms, that were associated with casting magic spells. Those charms and spells came to be known as mojos.

Today, the term mojo is often used by many people, including the fictional Austin Powers, to refer to the magnetic force within us that brings out our passion. It attracts people to us, makes us light up with energy, and directs us to our success.

What is Your Mojo

Our mojos become apparent when we are children. In the event you are not too clear what is your mojo, your special gift or magic in life, let me share the evolution of my mojo. The intention is to incite a look into yourself, so you can pinpoint the make-up of your magic, the special gift for your unique success.

My mojo first became visible during the nine years I spent in Top Hill, Jamaica. At the age of one, my mother took me and my sister from England, and brought us to Top Hill. She left us with my grandmother and went off to make a better future for us.

I woke up to myself in what I remember as a vast playground, laden with fruit bearing trees and family planted all around me. I felt happy, contented and free as a bird. This was the perfect place for my mojo, the magic of me, to reveal itself.

It began with my traits of being an intelligent, talkative, and feisty child? I would speak bluntly and stand up to just about anyone. I became known for that special something in me, my mojo. It was:

the ability to communicate intelligently, forcefully, courageously, passionately, creatively and with deliberate intent to impact people as well as cause positive change.

At somewhere around the age of eight or nine, I remember passionately cursing out my fifteen years-old cousin’s ‘baby father’ for getting her pregnant, and not supporting her as well as his child. Needless to say, I got a few licks for ‘giving lip’ to those who were older and stronger than me.  Still, I got my point and my passion across; thus my mojo became obvious to those around me.

Many people said I was going to be someone special when I grew up. This magic in me, they believed, would give me the strength and power to lead others and stand up for what is right.

As I grew older, it seemed the magic of me, my mojo, was not too strong or dependable in another world. I left Top Hill, and something in my new home of Canada scared my mojo into hiding…


The next post will continue with When You Lose Your Mojo, Reclaiming Your Mojo, and Sharing Your Magic with the World.

Until then, tell us ‘what is your mojo’?

Life is Unfolding as It Should

Choosing the Vehicle that will Get us Where We Want to Go

I had a dream. I was travelling from New York to Toronto with two friends. We went to catch a train in an outdoor station. When we got on the tracks there were 2 trains, one right in front of me and the other a little behind.

I did not know which train to go on. While lost in my thoughts, my friends got on one of the trains without my seeing. I did not know which train they went out, so I just stood in front of the first train unable to decide what to do.

Message: Indecision can sometimes be about waiting for God to show us the way. It can be about waiting for something to happen that will make us move towards our destiny.

The train in front of me left with me still standing there. It was then that I went to the second train, only to confirm that I had in fact missed the train to Toronto and my friends were on it!

I went to a conductor who was guiding people on to the trains.  Perhaps he would tell me another way to get home.

As I was talking to the first conductor, another conductor come up to me  and  directed me to a bus. I asked if the bus was going  to Toronto and he said yes.

Message: When you miss the opportunity that you believe was to take you where you want to go, do not fret. That was not the path which the universe has planned for you. Another way, your way, will soon appear.

The bus seemed to be waiting for me. From the outside, it looked like one you would see in the 196o’s, the decade in which I was born.

I got on the bus. In the back of the bus was a group of high school kids. Some were standing up, all were quiet, neither welcoming nor unwelcoming. I sat on a bench, and I was totally comfortable.

Driving the bus was a small middle aged black woman, looking somewhat feeble. I felt that she was very strong, and would without doubt get me where I needed to go. She did not say a word. Nobody said a word.

A Slower Way May be The Quickest and Best Way to Your Destination

The bus took off. Though it drove slowly, I got that I could likely get to Toronto before the train, before my friends. Even more so, I felt the bus being there just when I needed it, going where I needed to go was no coincidence. God had something to do with it.

Message: Be silent and know that I am God. Your journey and your vehicle may seem inferior to others. Yet it is brings you unimaginable peace and comfort, for it is taking you to exactly where you are supposed to be. It is taking you to your personal blessing.

In the silence, I could feel divine blessing. I could feel love. I knew that I would be a comfortable passenger in this God-sanctioned vehicle that would get me where I wanted to go, to the home that is my destiny.

Now I also see that the driver could be me – a delicate looking driver of my own life, with the strength and commitment to drive people to the place where they are most at home.

I did not miss a train. I was guided to the vehicle I was supposed to be on, the one that would take me on my true path that life intended for me.

Don’t Take the Easy Road

My niece is just finishing high school and says she is waiting to see if she got into university to study social work. The problem is, she says it with about as much zeal as a sedated lion.

Here is the other issue for me. She has great writing and speaking abilities, a dynamic personality and great social skills. She has a wonderful entertaining personality and lights up when we speak of the possibility of her being a journalist. So why did she not apply to study journalism?

“Journalism is too stressful”, she said.

“How do you know that,” I asked.

“When I think about it, I see it as stressful,” she responded.

Pissing Hell! The whole world is mad. With a simple thought of avoiding stress or finding something easy, my flipping niece cheated herself out of what she would love most! For what? Fear that she was not be good enough? Fear that she may have to do too much work? Fear of not enough time to party?

I am frustrated because I used to shut myself out from what I loved because my crazy mind gave me a million reasons to avoid anything that I seemed not able to control – even if it meant foregoing  my true heart’s desire. So I am on a war path against the devilish thoughts that said I had to do things my way, that led me away from my divine path.

Getting Back on Your Path

I will tell you something that helped me get back on my path, walk into fear and prevented me from being ambushed by thoughts of dismal failure or false utopia. No matter which way we go, we are likely to travel some rough roads and experience unbearable pain! That’s how God tests us, grows us, uses us and even blesses us.

In the case of the young lady from my church who is dying from brain cancer, consider that her painful path is leading to a most blessed destination. Is she possibly being used by God to bless others, leading to a much greater blessing to her that we cannot fathom?  Are her loved ones being given their own unique lessons and prepared for their own divine path and blessings? God is up to something great; however, at some point in time, His path, like any path, can mean unbearable discomfort.

Don’t take the easy road; it does not exist. So I say to my niece, go for social work or journalism, you cannot avoid stress or hard times. The difference, however, is that one leads to the deepest joys of your heart and the other doesn’t!  Follow your heart from the outset, even if the path seems perilous. It will eventually reveal your true and most joyful destination.