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Are your actions setting you up to hit the right target?

aimAre you seriously aiming for what you want? I am not referring to what you say you want, but what your committed actions say you’re targeting!

Before my stroke, I would have said I was aiming to retain the comfort and ease of my well-paying job as a training consultant. Yet it didn’t take a fool to see that my intense dislike and sometimes defiance of my boss, were revealing my true aim, which was trouble!!

Becoming a  People Builder

Today, my chief aim is to be a true people builder. Thus every day, I do something towards my book/course, Me and Napoleon Hill, which reveals various laws, practices and processes forpb logo succeeding by truly aiming at creating a life doing what we love. This is my gift back to the world, for I have experienced it all, through my miraculous healing and intellectual achievements over the last 6 years, as I rose from a near lethal stroke.

With gratitude, I can say that a few results affirm that my words and actions are lining up to manifest my true aim. First, I received authorization from the Napoleon Foundation to share significant excerpts from “The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons,” which was a resource for Hill’s timeless classic “Think and Grow Rich.”

Second, and the most exiting reason for me, is that the success laws and practices I share, align with the biblical  fruit of the spirit, which states:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. (Galatians 5: 22-23).

Third, as of next week, I will begin to share some easy to apply processes from Me and Napoleon Hill, with the intention of building people up as high as they want to go.

For now, I repeat this truth.

Success requires focusing your actions on aiming to go somewhere, to do something.

What do you say you are aiming for?  How do your committed and consistent actions confirm this?

Turning My Darkness Into Light

As the rain fell heavily on the pavement, my daughter and I emerged from the dry doorway of a high-rise apartment building, into the drenching night-pour. We were too anxious to get home to wait for the rain to stop; so we ran across the street and just kept on running towards our home.

It was a dark night, yet there was just enough light from the sky to help us see the road on which we were travelling. The rain soon disappeared; however, we had another worry. To go on, we had to choose between two routes. To the left was a route to a small hill, leading into a forested area. It was the shortest way; however, there was no outlined path. To the right was a narrow and winding road, carved out of the hill. The road was clearly defined, but there was no side-walk; therefore, we would have to make sure to let our feet stay close to the corners of the road.

Which path should we take? The decision was hindered by one not so small problem. Both routes were pitch-black, and we couldn’t see a thing. Also, I realized I had forgotten my flashlight, and it seemed too far to go back where we came from, to get it. To make matters worse, I was frozen still by my fear of being lost in the darkness ahead, no matter which way we took.

I woke up frozen still, with my indecision and my fear. ‘This is about my life’, I thought. I will not go back to my past, nor will I get swallowed by the inevitable looming darkness. There is, however, a third option.  It’s time to turn my darkness into light!

When I was younger, I travelled through many great moments and painful downpours in my life. The light carried me on its back, like a child, through my many darknesses.  Now that I am older, I must choose to become one conscious partner with the light, and turn the darkness into light.

I must trust and believe in the over-powering light that lives within me, the transforming power of the light that my human eyes cannot see.  All I have to do is ask God for the path which I must travel, silence myself, listen, and wait for the answer. If I hear step left, I must step left. If I hear step right, I must step right. If I am told to choose the path of my greatest human fear and pain, I must take that path. I must choose to become one with my divine light, and follow the way home to the many great things for which I came to this place.

Life is Unfolding as It Should

Choosing the Vehicle that will Get us Where We Want to Go

I had a dream. I was travelling from New York to Toronto with two friends. We went to catch a train in an outdoor station. When we got on the tracks there were 2 trains, one right in front of me and the other a little behind.

I did not know which train to go on. While lost in my thoughts, my friends got on one of the trains without my seeing. I did not know which train they went out, so I just stood in front of the first train unable to decide what to do.

Message: Indecision can sometimes be about waiting for God to show us the way. It can be about waiting for something to happen that will make us move towards our destiny.

The train in front of me left with me still standing there. It was then that I went to the second train, only to confirm that I had in fact missed the train to Toronto and my friends were on it!

I went to a conductor who was guiding people on to the trains.  Perhaps he would tell me another way to get home.

As I was talking to the first conductor, another conductor come up to me  and  directed me to a bus. I asked if the bus was going  to Toronto and he said yes.

Message: When you miss the opportunity that you believe was to take you where you want to go, do not fret. That was not the path which the universe has planned for you. Another way, your way, will soon appear.

The bus seemed to be waiting for me. From the outside, it looked like one you would see in the 196o’s, the decade in which I was born.

I got on the bus. In the back of the bus was a group of high school kids. Some were standing up, all were quiet, neither welcoming nor unwelcoming. I sat on a bench, and I was totally comfortable.

Driving the bus was a small middle aged black woman, looking somewhat feeble. I felt that she was very strong, and would without doubt get me where I needed to go. She did not say a word. Nobody said a word.

A Slower Way May be The Quickest and Best Way to Your Destination

The bus took off. Though it drove slowly, I got that I could likely get to Toronto before the train, before my friends. Even more so, I felt the bus being there just when I needed it, going where I needed to go was no coincidence. God had something to do with it.

Message: Be silent and know that I am God. Your journey and your vehicle may seem inferior to others. Yet it is brings you unimaginable peace and comfort, for it is taking you to exactly where you are supposed to be. It is taking you to your personal blessing.

In the silence, I could feel divine blessing. I could feel love. I knew that I would be a comfortable passenger in this God-sanctioned vehicle that would get me where I wanted to go, to the home that is my destiny.

Now I also see that the driver could be me – a delicate looking driver of my own life, with the strength and commitment to drive people to the place where they are most at home.

I did not miss a train. I was guided to the vehicle I was supposed to be on, the one that would take me on my true path that life intended for me.