Experience the Future Now

This idea came to me when I was practically house-bound and unable to get around.  Though I can get out more now, I can relate to people who are limited by sickness, transportation or busyness. My hope is that this virtual class will help to fulfil the exercise, health and well-being for a few of us. Your support gave me the hope, strength and creativity to keep contributing to the world. Thank you.

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Live Yoga – Right in Your Home

may leungWhen I first started Yoga with May Leung at a well-known fitness club, I wondered if I was out of my mind. This thing was hard! My core, legs and arms felt embarrassingly useless next to others in the class. I was scared that the stretches and lifting of my body parts would put me back in a wheelchair, or possibly break my bones.

Not so! May gave me the attention I needed to do alternative poses so I could move towards the strength and flexibility I need. Today I find myself getting stronger everywhere as I move more easily from one pose to another.

I am now in the process of working with May to offer a live yoga class, right in people’s home, or anywhere they choose. In May’s virtual class, participants from anywhere in the world can see and hear her, like a TV program; but it will be more like 2-way TV, as she will also see participants, and give personalized guidance in doing each position according to their personal ability.

Why yoga is hailed one of the best exercise programs in the world

If you want some concrete proof, as to why Yoga is so good for you, here is what Dr. Oz has to say about the benefits of yoga.

Yoga helps clean blood of waste material (through lymphatic stimulation), and trains us to loosen muscles and joints that are ignored in our day-to-day lives… Routines like sun salutation get the blood flowing as we warm up and free our body to experience the new stresses we will face…The practice also gets us to handle the weight of our body more effectively, which builds bone and muscle strength so we are more resilient to the frailty that afflicts many.

What is so special about our yoga class

May is a world class, certified yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance. Her virtual class will focus on a combination of exercise and energy balancing through breathing to increasing overall well-being. Students will flow from one pose to another on each inhalation and exhalation in breath-synchronized movement.

I will soon let you know the day, time, and low cost for this very limited class. Leave me a comment if you have any questions or want more information.

Your Body: Are You Using It Or Losing It

This past winter was the best and worst I remember since my stroke. It was the best because I was able to take on various initiatives, and starting to feel like my old self. It was the worst because I was decreasing the amount of time I was spending on active exercise, and this was causing huge problems with my healing.

The muscles on my right side (leg, arm, but, etc.) were tightening; they were stiffening and causing spasms and increased pain in my leg and but. To avoid the pain, I often had to sit and avoid too much movement.  I found myself falling prey to the popular saying:

A body that stays at rest remains at rest.

Sure I was getting the minimum recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise, for I made myself workout for about 30 minutes each day. However, I was also sitting every chance I got. Moreover, everywhere I went, people were aware of my disability and practically begged me to sit.  I was probably sitting less than 3 hours a day!

The pain was my blessing. It got me to the doctor, and made me see the critical need for increasing moderate to vigorous exercise, general movement, and standing.

meditationI began taking yoga to focus on loosening and strengthening my muscles. And perhaps even more importantly, I committed a good part of my day to standing. I don’t yet have the increasingly populardawn standing desk treadmill or standing desk, so I just put my monitor and keyboard on boxes (as seen on the right), so I can stand up and work.

After just 3 weeks, the pain has seriously diminished, and I see signs of the strengthening of my leg and arms. It was kind of cool to squeeze my butt and feel possible re-emergence of some firmness.

I am doing all I can not to become a statistic in health research, showing how sitting is killing our population. I am committed to using the affected muscles on my right side, for I am not ready to lose them. This body is not about to stay at rest, for I am not ready to remain at rest.

It’s Easter weekend. I am taking the opportunity to stand up and move about every chance I get. What about you?

Have a blessed weekend.

Training for Life!

It was a cold winter day in Ottawa and I was in my early 20’s. I was in the gym, ferociously running on the treadmill, as though I was in an elite fitness competition.

After watching me, for over 30 minutes and witnessing my seemingly insatiable appetite for physical punishment, a young man walked up to me and asked. “What are you training for?!” I smiled as God filled my heart with a strange truth. “Life,” I answered! The young man was slightly mystified. He quizzically looked at me, smiled and walked away. To tell you the truth, for a time, I really didn’t know what I meant.

Some 30 years later, when people hear of my stroke and see my obvious disability, they often wonder why I am so positive, so optimistic. The truth is, I am exalted, as I embrace this life, for which I have been training for so many years. This training and this life have enabled me to rediscover so many heart-warming truths about myself and those with whom I am blessed to share this journey. Because of this training and this life, I am so much stronger, so much spiritually fitter than I have ever been.

Want to Get Rid of Love Handles and the Middle-Age Bulge? Change Your Lifestyle Not Your Metabolism.

For many years, I have heard people say that they are slowing down and blowing up like a balloon; all because of their age and decreasing metabolism. ‘Nonsense’, I would think; but wisely kept my mouth mostly shut.  When I dared say anything, I would get the response, ‘you just wait!’

Well, I waited; and now I can say, based on my life experience and the proven research of experts, the main cause of noticeable physical decline (excluding disease and accidents), is lifestyle.

Most people eat too much, eat the wrong foods and are not active enough. And with disease and pain reaching almost epidemic levels, it’s time we got rid of the excuses that keep our bodies from being the awesome healing machines they were meant to be.

In the book, Fitness After 40, orthopedic surgeon, Vonda Wright wrote:

“Research has shown that sedentary people decline twice as fast as their active counterparts…I emphasize that when they are older and perhaps disabled, they will surely look back at the missed opportunity they have now for prevention…”

Is this about you?

  • Do you undertake the minimum 150 minutes recommended moderate to vigorous weekly exercise?
  • Is your diet dominated by healthy proven foods that regenerate us?
  • Do you eat way more than your body needs?
  • Do you make the time for regular aerobic and strengthening exercise?

As you age, can you say honestly that you are doing enough to maintain or improve the performance of your body? If you are not, what is standing in your way? What do you need to motivate you to action? What would it help to get more expert information about? If you are among those who have a lifestyle of very active living and healthy eating, please share your experience. It may just motivate another.

Virtual Fitness Classes: Right From Your Home

I see people around the world, in their homes (or any place they choose), participating together in a group fitness class. The live instructor beams from theirmeditation
computer or TV Screen, and provides feedback to anyone at any time.

This is being done now! Would you like to be one of those participants?