Goodbye and Thank You to the Most Worst and Best Decade of My Life

We all need inspiration to carry us through this new year and new decade. A friend shared this video, which uplifted me life like crazy.  If you, like me, have already seen it, I highly recommend you watch it again. It’s provocative, humorous and it’s inspiring.

Finding Hope in Suffering

It is hoped that this video will be an encouragement to you  or someone you love at some point in your life. Having friends and family with or who died as a result of cancer or other diseases, and being a stroke survivor as well as currently experiencing eye disease, this is very real for me.

Wake Up

Can you imagine a voice, without a body, speaking to you out of nowhere, not once but three separate times? That’s what happened to me the first year after my stroke. The voice, who I am sure was of God, said:

  • You are love

  • Share your story with the world

  • Believe

For a long time I thought that if I spoke too much about this, people would think I’m mad or just another religious fanatic. Plus, I thought, who am I to think God would speak to me. I couldn’t throw Him away, so I subconsciously decided to just bury him as a minor character in my story, Rising Like a Phoenix.

Without fully understanding why, I also had to bury the book until I could understandGodspeaks-cc and accept its true purpose.  This happened just a few weeks ago, when the words in the adjoining poem came out of me. I knew then that for sure I had not written my story but His story.

He woke me up for the first time with the stroke. When I was in the hospital and overwhelmed with love, I was seeing him.  I was seeing my true self. When I was helping other stroke survivors as well as other patients, I was being him (as shown by Jesus). I was being my true self.

I was being my God-self, which is our medicine for healing. This is our path, as believers, for achieving the purpose for which we came here. My journey and that of many others are his testimony to that truth.

I am writing a second edition of Rising Like a Phoenix, with a few modifications to better demonstrate this revelation.  After this, I will get back to A Path to Success, which is all about how we can be Him, be ourselves, and find our success in life.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.


How I Got Here

After  a year of not going to the gym on a weekday morning, I went today. I saw this familiar lady smiling at me. At the time, I had no idea who she was; still I walked boldly up to her, with a knowing smile.

“You look great,” she said. “I have to tell my husband that I saw you…you looked amazing.”  She seemed exuberant and I felt it.

I believe she was reacting to my physical improvements such as no longer sporting a can, walking more upright, and a healthier glow to my body. I don’t know for sure what she meant, and I didn’t need to asked her. Though I cannot explain her perception of me when she last saw me, I believe it was some distance from who I perceive myself to be in this moment. Though I still walk with an obvious limp, I feel as though I am emerging more and more with the Grace and light of God.

The greatest lesson for me now is realizing I got here on the wings of some God-inspired people, many of whom were previously strangers. One such person was the husband of the lady to whom I was speaking. I remember him as a cool long-haired, slender, fit man in his late 60’s, who befriended me when I first came to the gym, some 3 year ago. He gave me continuous encouragement and advised me how to swing my right leg, as I pushed along with my cane and struggled to get my body (that seemed to weigh a ton) just a couple of times around the track. His genuine smile and her joyful smile moved me then, as she moves me now.

The number of people who have helped me, and are helping me  are countless. If I can accept praise for anything, it was having the courage and faith to feel their love, hear their voices, and see the divinity of their partnership. What is equally encouraging is that these family, friends, colleagues and seeming strangers are the linchpin of whatever success we may gain in life.

For some time, I was not really conscious to the active and powerful roles that these individuals played in my life. I am now! What does this mean regarding possibilities for effective team building? I can begin by expressing my gratitude to all those who answered the call to be a force in the healing of my body and spirit, as well as that of others. I can also be that force for others as I continue to heal. But that is only a beginning.