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Stop! Hear What Your Life is Saying to You

Have you ever had something go terribly wrong in your life? You find yourself in a senseless argument. You feel shattered from the loss of someone close to you. Or you lose a job you desperately wanted.  Did you know that such bad situations are also how life speaks to us, blesses us, and pushes us towards our life purpose? Let me give you an example.

I’ve been working on what should have been a simple article for Good News Toronto. The article features Alicia Vianga, the founder of the After Breast Cancer charity and the Premier Jour Fine Lingerie and Swimwear boutique.

The interview opened up my life, in a way I could never have predicted.  Due to the stroke and my subsequent disability, I am unable to drive. As a result, I felt I had to do the interview from home, using Skype. Perhaps more importantly, the thought of travelling alone for 2 ½ hours by public transportation to do a face-to-face interview, paralysed me with unconscionable fear.

Shockingly, the Skype interview also seemed paralysing; though it began well. Alicia said that when she initially came to Canada, she was a live-in nanny.  I asked her, “What were the obstacles that stood in your way of getting where you are today?”

She responded, “me;” that is, she thought that no one would hire her to do anything more than clean houses.

I questionably responded. “That’s not it. That’s not what I am looking for.” I was thinking that the obstacle had to be something like breast cancer. However, she had no such painful health challenge.

Not yet aware of what was going on, I asked the same question several times. With increasing frustration, Alicia gave me the same answer, while trying to be as tolerable as possible.

The problem was that even though I was listening to her; I couldn’t hear her. I was hearing the thoughts in my head that said I needed to go and see her.

We tried the interview by Skype again, but I still couldn’t get what I thought I needed; and the frustration continued. Interestingly enough, both Alicia and I knew that this was not about writing an article.

It was not long before I just stopped. I then could see that my irrational fear of taking public transportation by myself was getting in my way. I knew that a breakthrough was being called for.  So I reluctantly planned the trip to Alicia’s boutique, which required travel by bus, subway, and street car. I got myself ready to take the long trip by myself for the first time, since the stroke 7 years ago.

I boarded the bus, the train and the street car for what turned out to be a peaceful, sometimes eye-opening trip, to Alicia’s boutique. She was a beautiful and insightful person, who I was blessed to meet. As a result of that trip, my limiting world of stroke, anxiety and disability subsided, and invited greater freedom into my future.

I was reminded that we sometimes have to stop and listen before we can hear that our problems may also be our blessings. Do you have a problem in your life that may just be your blessing? Stop! Listen and hear. What good is your life offering you?

New Year’s Blessings

Below is a wonderful piece I offer  to inspire your success throughout 2014 and beyond. It was provided by Napoleon Hill and included in my upcoming book (availability postponed to early 2014).


Thank you for supporting my blog, and giving me energy I need to keep striving for the best of me. Have a blessed Christmas and a most prosperous new year.

Are your actions setting you up to hit the right target?

aimAre you seriously aiming for what you want? I am not referring to what you say you want, but what your committed actions say you’re targeting!

Before my stroke, I would have said I was aiming to retain the comfort and ease of my well-paying job as a training consultant. Yet it didn’t take a fool to see that my intense dislike and sometimes defiance of my boss, were revealing my true aim, which was trouble!!

Becoming a  People Builder

Today, my chief aim is to be a true people builder. Thus every day, I do something towards my book/course, Me and Napoleon Hill, which reveals various laws, practices and processes forpb logo succeeding by truly aiming at creating a life doing what we love. This is my gift back to the world, for I have experienced it all, through my miraculous healing and intellectual achievements over the last 6 years, as I rose from a near lethal stroke.

With gratitude, I can say that a few results affirm that my words and actions are lining up to manifest my true aim. First, I received authorization from the Napoleon Foundation to share significant excerpts from “The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons,” which was a resource for Hill’s timeless classic “Think and Grow Rich.”

Second, and the most exiting reason for me, is that the success laws and practices I share, align with the biblical  fruit of the spirit, which states:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. (Galatians 5: 22-23).

Third, as of next week, I will begin to share some easy to apply processes from Me and Napoleon Hill, with the intention of building people up as high as they want to go.

For now, I repeat this truth.

Success requires focusing your actions on aiming to go somewhere, to do something.

What do you say you are aiming for?  How do your committed and consistent actions confirm this?

No Courage Needed at Camp on the Rock

cotr2This past week I was at Camp on the Rock, located at Camp Kwasind in Muskoka. I lived in the bushes with some 100 people, most of them children and youth, with a few adults over 35!

Throughout the week, adult after adult commended me on being courageous. Something special was surely happening to me, but in my head, it had nothing to do with courage; for in that place, I was a bush woman, fueled by divine energy, fearless in my country roots!

I limped joyously around the camp, up and down sometimes steep stairs and across the beautifully rugged camp grounds. I raced cane-free to meetings, to camp fire, to worship, to meals, to the beach, and to just about every corner of the camp to chase after the bustling kids assigned to my cabin. Like any able-bodied person, I tired a little, I dragged my feet sometimes, stumbled once or twice, and even staggered drunkenly when I felt lazy and intoxicated from the heat.

A girl from my cabin group, who my co-cabin leader Lizzie (Mighty Leader) and I named Joyful, got me right! She watched me grab one end of the bench we just sat on for lunch, as Mighty Leader grabbed the other end; and together we placed the bench upside down and onto the table. With her curious joy and childish sincerity, Joyful said “You’re strong!” She was right.

I felt strength, but it wasn’t my strength. It was strength wrapped in the love of another much, much, greater than me! That love was in the eyes, arms and heart of Rowena (Arouser of Greatness). She compelled me into the lake, to attempt swimming for the first time since my stroke 6 years ago. When she held on to me, I felt so strong and I could swim!When she let go of me, and my feet could not kick to hold my body up, I felt myself going down beneath the water. Courage could not save me, only the loving arms of Arouser of Greatness; she reminded me that the water had no power over me!

Later, strength again took hold of me as I placed my bottom on the dock, dropped my legs into a canoe, and eased myself into the front, with Joyful sitting behind me and Curt (Extraordinary Leader of Leaders) at the rear.   Extraordinary Leader of Leaders skilfully guided the canoe, which carried us calmly across deep waters to the beautiful little island.

A stranger held out her hand, so I could lift myself out of the canoe and step up onto the dock. I then took the hand of Beautiful (the name Mighty Leader and I gave to another of our campers). Beautiful gave me the additional strength I needed to climb to the peak of the Island. And when it was time to climb back down to the dock, Sarah (Guider of Spirit) reached her hands behind her, so I could hold-on, add my strength to hers, and follow her sure-foot, down the steep path to the dock.

There was no need or place for courage at Immanuel Baptist Church’s Camp on the Rock 2013. It gave divine strength to all it touched, and filled us with overwhelming joy and love.

When Spirit Spoke

I am writing a series of ebook about how my stroke made me nothing, forced me to be something, and showed me how to change my fortune. I would like to share the trailer from my first ebook, ‘God Talking Out Loud’. I would love to get your feedback.


God  Talking Out Loud

I was sitting in a wheelchair in the doorway of my hospital room. It could have been sunny, cloudy, or maybe even raining. I don’t remember. All I could think about was the horrible thing God had done to me!

It was the end of May, one month since my stroke. I was physically shattered and mentally crushed. Many people still couldn’t understand me, as my throat muscles for speaking were severely damaged.  I could barely stand-up, much less walk. My right hand was paralyzed. I was completely unable to take care of myself.

‘Why did this happen to me,’ I thought. I was feeling like God tossed me away, and wiped me out, like a worthless penny.

“Who am I?” I spoke out loud, asking the question over and over again.  I knew I was not the healthy, can-do anything, bullet-proof woman, I had pretended to be.

Like the voice that spoke to Moses out of the burning bush, I heard “you are love!” The voice was neither man nor woman. It could only be heard by me; yet it was as real as the air I was breathing.

Perhaps it was the voice of God, or something in or around me that was in touch with God. I know only that it was pushing love to bust loose in me in some way!

Recognizing that I was in a wheelchair, my frail right leg held up on a foot rest, and my paralyzed right hand lying dead on the wheelchair’s tray, my happiness center right brain took charge. With my left hand, I started turning the left wheel of my chair. At the same time, I lifted my left foot up, and began the best one-foot wheelchair-walk ever!

It was as though I bolted out the room, like a Road Runner. I wheeled myself into the hallway, turned right and went directly into the TV lounge, which was right next to my room.

I parked my wheelchair beside a young lady, barely in her thirties, sitting in a wheelchair, watching TV. Her left foot was in a brace and held up by a foot rest. Though her left arm, rested on a tray, and could move a little, it looked as lifeless as she did.

She wore a hopeless look on her face, as though she too had lost faith in God. Normally I would be scared to approach someone so distraught; but this time I was flying high on love.

Maybe she saw the compassion on my face. I don’t know. All I know is that she responded to me with a warm welcoming smile. We talked like friends, though I cannot remember about what. Nothing really mattered, except for the fact that we understood each other’s pain.

That day I went to one patient after another.  Mostly, I listened with compassion to their story, and shared mine. I reminded them that they were not alone, like the voice reminded me.

Though this was great during the day, when night came, I still needed to know what God really wanted from me. What did He want from love?

A few days later, I was waking up from my sleep, when the burning bush-like voice spoke again.

“Share your story with the world!”

I felt as though I had been given a great blessing. I cried deeply, scrunching up my face, releasing no sound, like people do when they don’t want to share their moment. That day I knew my stroke was my contribution to the world, a story of Love!

My brain was injured, my right hand was paralyzed, my thoughts were confused, and my words were jumbled. I was in the perfect place for listening to Spirit, as it began to reveal the way to manifesting and sharing the love and prosperity that had always been with me, with us all.

Recipe for Living Well Without Working Hard

If I work hard
     so that I may live well,
when do I stop working hard
     and start living well?

If I could talk to the youthful me, who wrote those lines some 20 years ago, I would say  ‘baby you can live well right here, right now! Here is a recipe that I learned after going through a serious health crisis that left me unable to work hard, and showed me how to live well.’

Do something every day for the good you want.
Make sure joy is a part of your daily routine.
Believe in your yourself.
Follow the divine forces which guide you.
Know you are never alone.

To help with following this recipe, check out this wonderful “Pep Talk from the Kid President to You.”

Turning My Darkness Into Light

As the rain fell heavily on the pavement, my daughter and I emerged from the dry doorway of a high-rise apartment building, into the drenching night-pour. We were too anxious to get home to wait for the rain to stop; so we ran across the street and just kept on running towards our home.

It was a dark night, yet there was just enough light from the sky to help us see the road on which we were travelling. The rain soon disappeared; however, we had another worry. To go on, we had to choose between two routes. To the left was a route to a small hill, leading into a forested area. It was the shortest way; however, there was no outlined path. To the right was a narrow and winding road, carved out of the hill. The road was clearly defined, but there was no side-walk; therefore, we would have to make sure to let our feet stay close to the corners of the road.

Which path should we take? The decision was hindered by one not so small problem. Both routes were pitch-black, and we couldn’t see a thing. Also, I realized I had forgotten my flashlight, and it seemed too far to go back where we came from, to get it. To make matters worse, I was frozen still by my fear of being lost in the darkness ahead, no matter which way we took.

I woke up frozen still, with my indecision and my fear. ‘This is about my life’, I thought. I will not go back to my past, nor will I get swallowed by the inevitable looming darkness. There is, however, a third option.  It’s time to turn my darkness into light!

When I was younger, I travelled through many great moments and painful downpours in my life. The light carried me on its back, like a child, through my many darknesses.  Now that I am older, I must choose to become one conscious partner with the light, and turn the darkness into light.

I must trust and believe in the over-powering light that lives within me, the transforming power of the light that my human eyes cannot see.  All I have to do is ask God for the path which I must travel, silence myself, listen, and wait for the answer. If I hear step left, I must step left. If I hear step right, I must step right. If I am told to choose the path of my greatest human fear and pain, I must take that path. I must choose to become one with my divine light, and follow the way home to the many great things for which I came to this place.

Something Good Always Comes From Bad: Resolving the Constipation of My Life

For the last few weeks I have been severely constipated.  You think I would have more pride than sharing information about my bodily functions with strangers! However, this is not about my body, it seems I am being lead in an amazing direction for my life!

This morning, I felt totally without motivation.  I was feeling lonely and a little depressed at all the troubles and lack of seeming progress in my life. So I prayed, and got the message that I should apply to volunteer for a few hours with the major stroke hospital in my region. I immediately called up the Office of the Director of Volunteers. I was told that a position just came in specifically related to stroke!

I do not expect that I will get this position. However, I am clear that my life has been put on a track that will resolve the constipation of my life. There is increased energy in my body, and some strange kind of enthusiasm about what this all means.

The bottom line is that while I work online with others, this work does not allow much face-to-face contact. I was awakened to the fact that virtual without face-to-face can lead to emotional constipation. It took the physical blocking of my body for me to really get this.

What about you? Do you ever find that something bad happens in your body, which leads to some remarkable enlightenment in your life?

Going for Gold: We All Need a Reminder

Following is the very first article I wrote when I started this blog. I needed to read it again, for when the journey is long many of us lose our faith or drop out. Now as I re-motivate myself, I say thanks to the spirit that wrote this article through me. I must also thank you, for being a listening so that I can keep writing and using myself as a vehicle for God.

In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, I watched South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius (above, left), a double leg amputee, barrel his way down the track in the 100 metre sprint, to a triumphant last place finish. Equally victorious was South Africa’s Natalie Du Troit (above, middle), a leg amputee, who qualified for the 10K swim. Likewise, Poland’s Natalia Partyka (above, right), born without a right hand and forearm, qualified for women’s table tennis. They clearly established themselves as Olympic athletes, thereby the best in the world. The fact that they didn’t take home any medals didn’t matter. More importantly, they represented a huge victory for those of us who need to see that there are no barriers to achieving our goals.

In 2007, I had a no-cause stroke which damaged the muscles and nerves on the right side of my body. It also diminished the functioning of my brain. After a year, I was labelled permanently disabled and unable to work. I had passed the point where most stroke survivors retrieve the vast majority of whatever functioning that will come back. My dreams of being a great business woman seemed impossible. My hope to marry again was dwindling into hopelessness. Who would want me for anything?

I saw Pistorius and I was reminded that God had a great purpose for us all. I knew that I couldn’t give up on my dreams of being an accomplished woman, who achieved great success by helping others be the best of themselves.  I just needed to make a shift. So I did what I always do, I searched for my answer.

In my quest, I saw that disability highlighted the greatness of Olympic stars like Pistorius, Du Troit and Partyka.  It was the heart of people like Michael J. Fox, Christopher Reeves, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Helen Keller, all of whom followed their true paths and catapulted to greatness.  These were ordinary people who achieved extraordinary things through belief, hard work, and an in-conquerable will to achieve.

Self-defeating thoughts didn’t suffocate these role models, and they certainly were not going to take over my life.  I knew deep inside that if God left me here on this earth, he wanted me to be the awesome person I always felt was inside. My stroke was a call to open my eyes and see the world in a different way. Like many, I needed to change my perspective so that I could see my God-given beauty, strength and brilliance, so that I could be what I was meant to be.

Before that point I was trying to be everything. I focused on being a manager, a trainer, an activist for the disadvantaged, and a writer, to name a few. Trying to move forward was like moving through quick sand. For example, working toward being a corporate manager was like banging my head against a solid brick wall. I clashed with my boss’s nasty personality, though I am clear I was also seeing reflections of my own nastiness. I felt no joy, no exhilarated fulfilment in my life.

Since having my stroke, I have been dramatically slowed down and even immobile for a while. I could barely speak for some time, and when I did it was at times hardly intelligible. Through my stillness, I saw my life clearly pulling me down a specific path. People came to me for information about and help with technology, writing, research, leadership, positive thinking and more. I was effortlessly doing what I claimed as my life mission years ago “helping the right people, find the right information, at the right time.” Interestingly enough, I have a graduate degree as an information specialist!

Some say God knocks you down so you can look up at him and see the truth. I looked up and saw my truth. There are no barriers to achieving my goals, but my self-defeating thoughts. When I face my fears and listen to the internal voice which guides me, I stick to my path, and I find my way. It is only then that I see the countless opportunities to make my best contribution to this world.

Choosing to live my life without barriers, without my self-defeating thoughts, I am unstoppable. Months after my stroke I was confined to a wheelchair. One year later, above-left, I was struggling to move around with a quad cane, a brace on my right leg, and a brace on my right arm. Now three years later, above-right, I move fairly well without braces and with the aid of a regular cane; most importantly, I am living my purpose of helping people, find the right information, at the right time.

I am a part of an unstoppable world of people, all going for gold, all nullifying barriers.


I needed this reminder. I hope it also serves as an inspiration for you.

Spirituality and Success

It’s been a long road; yet I have finally arrived! Like doubting Thomas, I crossed the bridge of my doubts, opening the way for me to arrive at a clearing. In this peaceful, open space, I know who I am and what I am called to do.

Years ago, two individuals working in the psychic realm told me the following.

  1. you are a messenger from God
  2. the pen belongs in your hand

Hocus-pocus crap, right? Plus, who the heck takes psychics and their generic messages seriously? Some would think I do, but it wasn’t the psychics that I took seriously. It was the words that immediately jolted through my body, and attached themselves to my memory.

You see when I speak or write about kindness, loves, compassion, fairness, understanding, listening  and many other spiritual ways, which bring joy and success into our lives, I experience true fulfilment. For in those times, I allow the divine voice to speak through me.

So why have I constantly blocked that voice. I was scared! I mean, no matter what my spirit says, how can I use my gift of speaking and writing to focus on spiritual behaviour! How can I make a living off that?!

Now, in this clear space, I can say to myself, ‘are you kidding!’ The joys, blessings and successes of many of our lives are all about how spiritual or Godly behaviours enabled us to bless others and how we were in turn blessed by a force much greater than ourselves. Great speakers, writers, leaders, like Ken Blanchard, make extraordinary living focusing on spirituality and God.

I can now choose to leave behind my demons, which were holding me back from writing and speaking about spirituality and success. I choose to spend my life listening for that still small voice, that all-powerful force, to bring to life the stories, and enable me to create other stories, that inspire great blessings and successes in our lives.

This does not mean I will not work on the communication projects, such as live web-based training, to which I have committed myself. I am still living my same life. The difference is, my focus is on spreading Godly or spiritual ways to achieve great joy and success in our lives.

What does this mean for my blog? You will see in the next post. In the mean time, feel free to share your thoughts on spirituality and success.