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How I Got Here

After  a year of not going to the gym on a weekday morning, I went today. I saw this familiar lady smiling at me. At the time, I had no idea who she was; still I walked boldly up to her, with a knowing smile.

“You look great,” she said. “I have to tell my husband that I saw you…you looked amazing.”  She seemed exuberant and I felt it.

I believe she was reacting to my physical improvements such as no longer sporting a can, walking more upright, and a healthier glow to my body. I don’t know for sure what she meant, and I didn’t need to asked her. Though I cannot explain her perception of me when she last saw me, I believe it was some distance from who I perceive myself to be in this moment. Though I still walk with an obvious limp, I feel as though I am emerging more and more with the Grace and light of God.

The greatest lesson for me now is realizing I got here on the wings of some God-inspired people, many of whom were previously strangers. One such person was the husband of the lady to whom I was speaking. I remember him as a cool long-haired, slender, fit man in his late 60’s, who befriended me when I first came to the gym, some 3 year ago. He gave me continuous encouragement and advised me how to swing my right leg, as I pushed along with my cane and struggled to get my body (that seemed to weigh a ton) just a couple of times around the track. His genuine smile and her joyful smile moved me then, as she moves me now.

The number of people who have helped me, and are helping me  are countless. If I can accept praise for anything, it was having the courage and faith to feel their love, hear their voices, and see the divinity of their partnership. What is equally encouraging is that these family, friends, colleagues and seeming strangers are the linchpin of whatever success we may gain in life.

For some time, I was not really conscious to the active and powerful roles that these individuals played in my life. I am now! What does this mean regarding possibilities for effective team building? I can begin by expressing my gratitude to all those who answered the call to be a force in the healing of my body and spirit, as well as that of others. I can also be that force for others as I continue to heal. But that is only a beginning.

One of the Most Important Questions of Our Life

If you were asked the question in the caricature below, what would be your answer?

After the stroke, this was the question that made me most fearful of dying. I did not want to leave this life, without feeling like I had contributed my best to this world.

The money I made or did not make, or the profession I had, were as far from my mind as Pluto is from the earth. The feeling that I had not done what I came here to do stuck to me like a second skin.

Today my life is focused on writing, speaking, teaching and communicating in any way I can, attributes for being our best selves in this world. In other words, I facilitate  and inspire conversations  that help people change their own lives as well as that of those around them and the organizations they serve.

Like me, many people have to change their focus and their attitude to contribute their very best to the world. It makes living, and the inevitable dying, so much easier.

As an inspiration, check out  Patti LaBelle’s 1984 song ‘I’ve got a New Attitude.’ Feel the joy and music  that she gives to the world. What do you do for the world?

Finding Myself

Spirit moved me to write the following piece, which I call ‘Finding Myself.’ It came as a result of a friend saying that God is everywhere; thus she feels no need for church. I was called to look within myself for my own motivation.

I don’t go home to find love
I don’t go to work to find success
I don’t go to church to find God
I go to find myself
When I find me
I find love,
I find success
I find God

Life is Not About Filling Ourselves, It’s About Emptying Ourselves

Yesterday, I went to see my doctor for a physical. We completed the examination; then as he escorted me to the door, he said:

You are like good wine, getter better with age!

What a great compliment. Even more Importantly, I feel like that top quality wine, permeating beauty, health, and knowing, inside and out. But, just how did I get here?

I used to think that much of the dissatisfaction in my life was because I was:

  • unhappy
  • lonely
  • working with mean, unfair and prejudiced people
  • unable to perform at my best, and
  • missing all other kinds of stuff in my life.

However, with the stroke and many other subsequent experiences, I came to a mind-boggling realization. There has been and is nothing missing in my life or anyone’s life!

The purpose of life is not to fill ourselves with what we think is missing. We must instead, empty ourselves of judgements, criticisms, hated, insecurities, fears, and so on. We must do so primarily as it relates to our perceptions of ourselves. In doing so, we clear the way for God to enter and for us to blossom into all we are meant to be. We clear the way to see the greatness that has always been within us.

Now as problems come up, as they inevitably do, I ask not for my cup to be filled but to be emptied of all the negative stuff that blocks me. This includes my perception of not being pretty enough, young enough, smart enough, experienced enough, or just plain good enough. As much of that stuff go from within me, I become more of a clear space to truly hear what life is calling for me.

I believe my doctor was seeing glimpses of that beautiful emptiness. There was not one ugly thought to block the powerful love that sits in my emptiness. I am thankful to my stroke, my church, my family and friends, and the conversation of the International Black Summit for helping me continuously clear out my stuff, so I can be fully receptive to all life has to offer.

What about you? What do you think of the concept of emptying yourself. How do you achieve it?

Spirituality and Success

It’s been a long road; yet I have finally arrived! Like doubting Thomas, I crossed the bridge of my doubts, opening the way for me to arrive at a clearing. In this peaceful, open space, I know who I am and what I am called to do.

Years ago, two individuals working in the psychic realm told me the following.

  1. you are a messenger from God
  2. the pen belongs in your hand

Hocus-pocus crap, right? Plus, who the heck takes psychics and their generic messages seriously? Some would think I do, but it wasn’t the psychics that I took seriously. It was the words that immediately jolted through my body, and attached themselves to my memory.

You see when I speak or write about kindness, loves, compassion, fairness, understanding, listening  and many other spiritual ways, which bring joy and success into our lives, I experience true fulfilment. For in those times, I allow the divine voice to speak through me.

So why have I constantly blocked that voice. I was scared! I mean, no matter what my spirit says, how can I use my gift of speaking and writing to focus on spiritual behaviour! How can I make a living off that?!

Now, in this clear space, I can say to myself, ‘are you kidding!’ The joys, blessings and successes of many of our lives are all about how spiritual or Godly behaviours enabled us to bless others and how we were in turn blessed by a force much greater than ourselves. Great speakers, writers, leaders, like Ken Blanchard, make extraordinary living focusing on spirituality and God.

I can now choose to leave behind my demons, which were holding me back from writing and speaking about spirituality and success. I choose to spend my life listening for that still small voice, that all-powerful force, to bring to life the stories, and enable me to create other stories, that inspire great blessings and successes in our lives.

This does not mean I will not work on the communication projects, such as live web-based training, to which I have committed myself. I am still living my same life. The difference is, my focus is on spreading Godly or spiritual ways to achieve great joy and success in our lives.

What does this mean for my blog? You will see in the next post. In the mean time, feel free to share your thoughts on spirituality and success.

God Is To Blame

I generally only write a post once per week. However, as I was writing the intro to my first e-book, this piece came out of me. I felt a strong desire to share it. Click here to read it. This is my story and the main inspiration for my post God and the Bottom Line. It is important to me that you see who I authentically am. I would love to know how you think this piece God is to Blame  relates to our careers and our business?

God and The Bottom Line

Until recently, I was one of those people who was scared of mentioning God at work. I can now remember what caused this to happen, and potentially caused my stroke.

It is generally accepted that if you want to be successful in the workforce, you better not mention God. So I shut my mouth, in hopes that I could go far in the corporate world. I did not know I was shutting down my ability to breath.

At my last job, I started out being the love-centred Dawn, whose greatest strength is her ability to see good in virtually everyone and everything. When individuals spoke negatively of their colleagues, or of situations with which they were faced, I could always say something that made them see the good and the blessing of each person and each situation. Unfortunately, this also made people who speak bad of others see the bad in themselves. So some began to tease me, and make a joke about my always seeing good, as though this was bad. So I learned to keep my mouth shut.

As a result, I had to sit with my lips stapled shut, while managers spoke of individual contributors and other managers, as though they were characters in a TV show, whose lives, feelings and aspirations were not as real as their own. Only inside me, could I say, ‘if you want to improve performance and retention, treat people with the genuine love you would like to be treated. Some people must be fired, but do so authoritatively, with compassion and love’. Yet, I uttered no words. Instead, I tried to shield my ear drums and let my words eat away at my insides.

What has made us become so scared of inviting God into the doorways of our workplaces? It is more common to hear someone speak of hate and the devil than of God and love. Yet the latter would be more trustworthy, more productive, more loyal and attract more clients.

For me, God is everything and everywhere. He is the impetus for the loyalty, kindness, love and genuine effort that I bring to my work. There is no greater joy for me than to work with a business or individual, and see the great satisfaction that comes from achieving our goals, while contributing to good in this world.

I am in a liberating and unshakeable space now. Stroke will do that to you. I am clear that Godly ways are the greatest money makers for business. I believe many people  will give their business to a consultant like me, who is God-centered, has the skills that they need, and is genuinely loving, compassionate, forgiving, faithful, etc. What do you think?

Life and Death: God Speaking Through Justina

Justina, who I have written about many times, died last week from Cancer. The last time I saw her was the Sunday after New Year’s day.  She was sitting in a wheelchair and had lost most of her sight. Her mother told her that I was there.  As I reached down to hug her, her smile broadened. Beaming with love, she reached up with her left hand to give me a truly heartfelt hug. I don’t remember feeling so loved. Her physical body may have been dying, yet her spirit was as alive as ever.

I will forever remember the powerful message she delivered, 5 months ago, at her baptism. I quote her words below and present the two songs she spoke of, which are a clear testament that God was speaking through and firmly embracing Justina.

One of my favorite songs says “Teach me to number my days”. The way we have structured our fall schedule is teaching me to focus on relationships and not worry about the stuff that doesn’t matter too much…

The song “No Matter What” by Kerrie Roberts is the sound track for this time in my life. It says:

I’m running back to your promises one more time
Lord that’s all I can hold on to
I gotta say this has taken me by surprise
But nothing surprises You
Before a heartache can ever touch my life
It has to go through Your hands
And even though I keep asking why…

No matter what, I’m gonna love you
No matter what, I’m gonna need you
I know You can find a way to keep me from the pain
But if not, I’ll trust you, no matter what…

God has been faithful to me in my life and I know that He wants to give this same incredible love and faithfulness to everyone. People have said that my story has inspired them. What I really want is for it to be life changing, so that like me, they can experience Jesus living through them.

My life had changed, and I hope through this post, Justina’s message reaches and changes other lives.

Though Justina is no longer here, her message lives on in us. I thank God for loaning her to us for a little while, for showing us what is to be a child of God.