Who am I?

This morning, I reluctantly went to see my business manager. I slowly sauntered into her office, my head lower than usual, expecting a well deserved lecture and a kick in the ass. Afterall, I am being paid by the government to develop a business, which would provide live web-based training on soft skills or people skills. The problem is, I have been focusing on everything but live web-based training.

“What is your pitch,” she asked? I stuttered. My speech slurred as I gave her some feeble response that seemed to focus on web development, with slight mention of live web-based training. She knew she caught me. I felt a little embarrassed as she pointed out what I already knew.

I was losing my focus on the talent and training that makes me unique. I was losing my focus on the inspiration, the interpersonal skills, the positive attitudes, the networking skills; all which would be the center of my on-line interactive training. I was losing me.

The truth is, I was starting to fear the passion within me was not good enough to develop a successful business. I was going where I was before my stroke; a time when I would not, cold not, risk embracing the uniqueness within me. I was being swayed by the voice within me that always seem to be whispering:

“You have to go where the money is being offered, even if you have to bury the diva within. You really aren’t all that. Not now.”

I was beginning to listen again. Even though year after year, that God-less voice is still saying, “not now”.

Those self-defeating thoughts almost killed me and was beginning to affect me now. But today, I had to remind myself a six figure income is not my goal especially if it drains the very life out of me. Our focus has to be on what gives us purpose, what is our unique talent, and why we are still here. It is working fully in this area of giftedness that we find joy, purpose and fulfillment.

I don’t need an image make over. I am who I am, even if that means you see the unfocused and sometimes confused me. I just need to focus on allowing the me, that I am here to be, to dominate my life; the me that passionately lives to impact the world by inspiring people to be the best of themselves (at least most of the time).

I make every effort to walk my talk. Therefore, on June 6, at 7 p.m., I am doing an
interactive session on Social Skills and Networking on the Web. This session will include expert guest speakers. So, if you have a webcam and a headset, and would like to participate, let me know. Please note, I will only take a limited number of people.

My image is not one dimensional. Web development is a small part of my image, which you will see sometimes. To that end, I recommend CrownCore Technologies for good quality, cost-effective web design, content development, logo design and graphic design. The focus here is also on positive image development, and being the best of ourselves on the web.

So, who am I? Who do you think I am?

Do You Need an Image Makeover?

People are not inclined to pay attention to us, if they cannot see us.

Have you ever introduced yourself to someone at an event, and noticed that they were not at all interested in you or what you were saying? You learn very quickly that people listen to you, support you, judge you and relate to you, based on the image they have of who you are. If we create the right image on the web, people can not only have a positive image of us, but a compelling image that causes powerful reactions.

The following is an amazing short video you may have seen on the web, which shows the power of words in projecting a compelling image.

Our images define our success. Our websites, our logos, what we say and how we say it, create an imagination of who we are, which becomes lodged in people’s minds.  I know you have an image of me, as a result of this blog or anything I do on the web. The question is – what is my image? Is it the image I want to create? My answer is, “not always”. Therefore I am launching my image makeover in my next blog. What about you? Do you need an image makeover?

Image is Everything

While at the gym last weekend, I had an interesting conversation with a friend. He said he will turn 50 in two years; and he plans to fight like tooth and nail before he gives into this age thing. What?!!! No, no, no, no, was my response! We have got to stop perpetuating an image of our middle and senior years as a time when we become less beautiful, less strong, and less able to make an impact on the world. I am a loving, fit and attractive woman, who is flying like an eagle into my 50th year.  That’s the image of the prime of our lives that I want the world to see.

I believe if as middle-aged individuals we choose to project a positive image of ourselves, those who are coming up behind us would be less likely to fear growing older, and more likely to be the fun energetic beings we truly are. We choose the image we create.

Baby boomers in North America have the highest net worth of  any group, and thus are a powerful market force.  And whether we will admit it or not, many of us have lots of money to spend, and enjoy the best in life. Yet most businesses tend to use images in their marketing that appeal to the younger generations. And I can’t blame them. It is not unusual to hear many of us once we reach 35 or 40 say things like: I’m getting old, I am too tired, I am getting fat, or I don’t have fun anymore. We need an image makeover.

I want to spread the image of positive, energetic, uplifting boomers like me, as well as those in their 30’s and 40’s, entering that wonderful prime of life. That is the image behind my website CrownCore Technologies. We build positive web images that say: boomers are exciting; boomers want quality; boomers are fun. And, boomers have the resources that demand the best. Reflecting an image of ourselves embracing and loving our age means everything. Most of all we become what we project – we become happier, healthier and joy-filled people.