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Good News

Our days, our lives , and our spirits flourish the more we surround our selves with good news. Below I lift you up with two inspiring stories, both of which are strangely linked to the Iraq war.

james with studentFor the first, we celebrate two  educators from Toronto, who came home from New York City with a 2015 Digital Book Award, leading the way to the creation of paperless schools.  Both men, James and Jamie are part of the Connect School for Languages, which James was inspired to create as a result of the Iraq war. Check out the article I wrote in Good News Toronto, about these ordinary guys and their really cool paperless textbooks.

The other even more evocative piece of good news relates to a man, who lost his leg and arm in the Iraq war, wowing the world on Dancing With the Stars.  A horrible situation enables him to inspire the world, as he displays like never before, the awesome beauty, courage and spirit he possesses. He is my greatest dancer.

Below I share a video of Noah Galloway’s inspiring story and performance.

Good News

KhalilahI recently had the opportunity to write a piece for the inspiring Good News Toronto.  The piece was about Khalilah Brooks. As AuntyB, she uses musical theatre to teach children hard lessons about life. As shown in the article, those hard lessons came from Khalilah’s childhood, spent mostly in foster care. She reminds us that we all have our burdens to overcome; however, if we choose, we can turn those burdens into blessings. Check out her story here.