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Loving Hard

If I work hard so that I may live well, when do I stop working hard and start living well?

I finally found the answer to this question, which has haunted me for what seems like forever. That is:

Living well is not about working hard, it’s about loving hard.

When I love hard or deeply, I can overcome whatever limitations I see in myself, my family and my world. When I love the people around me deeply, work is a privilege, and I get more done than I can ever do by working hard.

I needed to have a crisis to see what it is to love hard, and to have amazing results in my life. What about you, is your life about working hard or loving hard?

International Day of Happiness

whdToday, March 20, is the International Day of Happiness.

Enjoy the World Happiness Playlist created by John Legend, Ed Sheeran, Cody Simpson, David Guetta, James Blunt and Charlize Theron in collaboration with the United Nations. Watch the video they created below, and share it with your world. Take a moment to dance, laugh, or just connect with another.

Happy International Happiness Day to all.

My Gift From 2012: Joy or Pre-Mature Death

DS-1225-3bwebHow did 2012 bring you forward on your quest to living your best life? The answer to this question may be a critical starting point for coming closer to our best selves in 2013. I got confirmation as to why I am alive, and what will heal me as I move forward!

In 2012, as I shared joyful laughter with my daughter, brought hope to stroke patients at the hospital where I volunteer, or chat cheerfully with Mobility drivers, I felt what it was to passionately contribute to life. This past year made it clear to me that I am here to bring joy, love and goodness to everyone around me! Obviously, I do not always do this. However, what I discovered from  increasing my post-stroke interactions outside of my home, is that this loving way of being is essential to my healing. It felt like a choice between the life which I am meant to live or death!

When I was angry, grudge-ful or unkind, I was almost always overcome with a bad headache (sometime a migraine), panic attacks, and severe difficulty thinking or making sense of things. On the other hand , when I was considerate of others, spread hope, or shared joyful feeling with others, I saw shocking brilliance from my stroke damaged brain.

For example I was playing a version of Family Feud at a Recreation Therapy session with patients and staff at the hospital.  I reluctantly agreed to represent my team in the final round of the game, where I competed against a representative of the other team. Each of us got points if we could come up with the number one answer to questions. I was scared of embarrassing myself, for I thought I was so much less than I was prior to the stroke. However, in seconds, I got all but one of the number one answers – better than I have ever performed. And this was no fluke, I did the same with another activity. I had to ask myself, where did that come from? Yet, I knew it was the joy and love I felt around me!

I am convinced  that joy not only gives life, it heals! I felt joy when I put love into my commitment as a mother, a trainer, or a friendly visitor to patients. My goal was to see people be and feel the best of themselves. As a result, they demonstrated joy and hope. They also spread their energy of growth, healing and prosperity to others close to them, such as myself.

2012 made it clear to me. Spread joy and I spread rejuvenation of my body and the body of those around me. The only other alternative would be to consume myself with the sad, frustrating, and sometimes terrifying pain, which resembles pre-mature death. I choose joy for 2013 and beyond.