Aiming for What YouLove

You get what you are aiming for. If you have no aim, and you are not aiming, you cannot complain when you do not get what you want. As Corinthians 9:26-27 says:

Therefore I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air.  No, I strike a blow to my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize.

aiming-toc-wThe table of contents for the lesson on aiming is presented on the left. You can access this first lesson in the “A Path to Success” series here. It is about learning how to aim for the good we want. I still have some editing and refining to do. Nonetheless, I promised I would deliver something January, so here it is.

Below is the first part on the power of aiming based on Napoleon Hill’s research. The remainder of 12 page document is very practical and results oriented, based on my many years of corporate training. I would appreciate any feedback you may have.


2016 Training Tool for Success

A blessed new year to all!

Most of us have gotten so caught up in the negative thoughts of our minds that we stop ourselves from getting what we so desperately want. It’s 2016, and time we consciously join forces with the greatest power that exists, and achieve the good that beats relentlessly on our hearts.

With the guidance of God, I was able to develop the “A Path to Success”  tool (shown below) for learning to overcome  negativity and achieving the success we desire.


“A Path to Success,” is an acronym which helps us to create an unbreakable bond with the goodness within ourselves, the good people around us, and the good  Spirit which leads us. The principles in this tool were inspired by my life experience, the proven laws of Napoleon Hill, and scripture.

I have learned that it is not enough to know these principle, it is only through effectively integrating them that we see their power to make actual changes in our lives. In other words, information without continued strategies for implementing, and actual implementation, is often useless. That is to say, knowing we must help others, how to do this, and actually doing it are very different things.

Throughout the months of 2016, I will not only share the “A Path to Success” principles but also provide the strategies and training for integrating them into our lives. We will begin this month with the letter “A,” aim for what your heart calls.


Are your actions setting you up to hit the right target?

aimAre you seriously aiming for what you want? I am not referring to what you say you want, but what your committed actions say you’re targeting!

Before my stroke, I would have said I was aiming to retain the comfort and ease of my well-paying job as a training consultant. Yet it didn’t take a fool to see that my intense dislike and sometimes defiance of my boss, were revealing my true aim, which was trouble!!

Becoming a  People Builder

Today, my chief aim is to be a true people builder. Thus every day, I do something towards my book/course, Me and Napoleon Hill, which reveals various laws, practices and processes forpb logo succeeding by truly aiming at creating a life doing what we love. This is my gift back to the world, for I have experienced it all, through my miraculous healing and intellectual achievements over the last 6 years, as I rose from a near lethal stroke.

With gratitude, I can say that a few results affirm that my words and actions are lining up to manifest my true aim. First, I received authorization from the Napoleon Foundation to share significant excerpts from “The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons,” which was a resource for Hill’s timeless classic “Think and Grow Rich.”

Second, and the most exiting reason for me, is that the success laws and practices I share, align with the biblical  fruit of the spirit, which states:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. (Galatians 5: 22-23).

Third, as of next week, I will begin to share some easy to apply processes from Me and Napoleon Hill, with the intention of building people up as high as they want to go.

For now, I repeat this truth.

Success requires focusing your actions on aiming to go somewhere, to do something.

What do you say you are aiming for?  How do your committed and consistent actions confirm this?

What Gift of Yourself Do you Not Want to Die Without Releasing to the World?

festive ribbon details with blurred background If you were told you only had a short time to live, what gift of yourself would you still need to give to the world?

What I feared most when the stroke almost killed me was that I had not given the world the best of me. This pushed me to creating a book and a course, detailing a process for healing, success and giving our best to the world.

How is, or could your gift be incorporated in your life work, and shared with the world?

Succeeding Doing What We Love

If we have access to a truckload of information on how to be successful, why is it that most of us can’t find success doing what we love in life? Thus we spend our life working to create gigantic success for other people. I did it because I found security in the dreams and businesses of others more than I did in myself.

A Way to Shift Focus to Doing What We Love

Fortunately, as a result of my stroke, I gained access to some divine power inside me and I suddenly found the drive to go after and achieve what I really wanted. If that wasn’t enough, I discovered that my new found thoughts and actions for achieving what I wanted most in life was outlined in Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success! I simplified the process (as shown below), and created a formulae, which is the subject of my upcoming book and a course, both of which will be available early in 2014.


A Process for Success in 16 weeks

The course, which I have designed, based on my 20 years of experience as a corporate trainer, will be available as a promotion in January. It will be a live virtual course, lasting 16-weeks, for 2 hours each week. To participate, an individual must have some great success that he or she wants to achieve, such as making money doing what he or she loves. If one is accepted as the right fit for the program, he or she will be instructed on each law of success, and held accountable for following through on various related exercises. He/she will also have access to the contributions of the 9 other participants, and will be teamed with one other person for added motivation. As this is a promotion, the cost of the course is only $100 for the 16 weeks. All participants who do what is required are guaranteed to reach their goal or make dramatic progress towards it.

This is a rather unique course. I would love to hear your thoughts and respond to any questions.

Defeating Demons

Up until last night the title of the book I am writing was Defeating Demons. After all, my stroke was about defeating the demons in my head, which almost killed me. However, after a conversation with my brother I realized that by making the demons in my head the focus of my mind, I give them strength.

My goal is not to focus my energy on fighting and defeating anything. My focus has to be on instilling the laws of success, which allow the good I want for my life, to naturally emerge like a butterfly from a caterpillar.  That is what my book is about.

Which do you thing is better, to defeat bad or to instil good?

From Tolerance to Love

This is the last post I will be doing until January. I am taking the month of December to ensure I am finished my book by the end of the year. Until then, I would like to leave you with the beginning of my second last chapter. Great blessings for a wonderful holiday season.


When I listen to the song ‘Need You Now’ by Lady Antebellum, I find myself taken over by its intoxicating melody and heart-wrenching words.  I am reminded of the many friendships and loves that have crossed my path, when I was too blind to see them or too hurt to hold on to them.

With a second chance at life after my stroke, I am now ready to hold on to and grow love. But, I must ask, how? I am ashamed to say that for so long I have been a lone ranger who needed no one. Sometimes, I feel like jumping up and holding my hands up in the air, reaching for God and screaming ‘I need you now!’

I know what many of you are probably thinking, and I want to make something clear. I am not this lonely destitute middle-aged lady aching for love to come back and rescue me from spinsterhood. It would be nice, but I am certainly not aching for that.

I am aching for what seems like impossible love. I need, no I want, the kind of love that exists between a cat and a dog, which have become great friends. Love as seen between animals of different species, cuddling each other, smooching each other, and lost in the comfort of each other.

When you have looked death in the face, as I have, you get that the time will come when there will be no more time for joyfully experiencing true love.  That is, the kind of love that drives your quest to join with others and achieve the thing you want most in life. The kind of love that easily reaches out to the world and its many differences, and has the world reaching back with open arms.

I am as desperate for that kind of love as I am for the huge emotional and financial successes that it brings. So I better get off my butt, and go after it, right? It’s just not that simple. I, like many of you, am not like that dog who can cuddle an overly satisfied cat under its ear.

To tell you the truth there were points in my life when I was barely able to tolerate white people. Permit me to speak bluntly, for I know no other way to share my truth and my breakthroughs. I will say more about these blunt, and perhaps ugly, truths a little later.

Though I have no problem with tolerance today, tolerance is not love. And when we find ourselves just tolerating others, we often get the success that just tolerating brings.

Imagine the success that can be achieved when tolerance is replaced by love. That is the focus of this lesson. It may seem idealistic or even ludicrous to some of you. If so, hold on to that thought, read on, and tell me if you still feel that way at the end of this lesson.

Be well until January.

Getting Expert On-line Marketing Expertise for Cheap

No one ever achieved great wealth in business without co-operation. So if we want to be successful, including earning a lot of money, we need to work on  something great together.

In the following presentation, I would like to share with you an intriguing collaborative idea. If you are like me and you feel the urgency of developing your on-line presence, you may find my idea compelling. I would love to get your feedback.

This idea was inspired in my writing of Chapter 13 on Cooperation, in  Law of Success. I have lots more to share on this topic.

Be Who You Came Here to Be or Expect Absolute Misery

Your Chief Aim in Life  

We are all here to do and be something special. That is the source of our greatest, most heartfelt, desires. Are you aware of what you came here to do and be?

Let us use me as an example. My chief purpose is to help people be the best of themselves. I have been equipped for this with: my talents for writing and speaking; my genuine compassion and love for others; and my passion for creating and achieving.

The Misery of Negating a Part of Yourself

Derailed Train

So why did my life get so tragically off-track, like a derailed train headed for impending disaster? My life derailed, because I was living without my gifts of compassion and love as my centre. For the sake of money and the illusive power, I forgot a part of myself. I forgot what I came here to do and be. I forgot my chief aim in life.

Let me give you another example. A young lady called me the other day, consumed with complaint.  She recently got a professional job at a top corporation; however, she was complaining that there was too much for her to learn, and she felt like a small insignificant tree, lost in a massive forest. She just didn’t know if she was good enough or where she belonged.

I first told her to tell that flipping demon that messes with us all, to get the heck out of her head! Then I guided her to identifying and remembering her unique gifts of teaching and speaking, and her passion for learning.

She loves to learn! And life was giving her the opportunity to learn! She loves to teach and speak, and life was enabling her to develop the knowledge that would prepare her to do just that! She saw that as long as she was negating the great opportunity brought by her gifts, she would be absolutely miserable!

Are you missing the great opportunities in front of your face? Are misery, complaint and dissatisfaction your close companions or BFF (best friends forever)? If so, you have got to make a shift.

But first, you must make sure your vision is clear. Get rid of any negative energy, that haunts you like an illusive phantom. Then look for your gifts and your passions, and see how they align with the opportunities in front of you. The universe does not make mistakes. You are where you are for a reason. Look and if you do not see your opportunity, look harder! Your blessing is your life exactly as it is showing up. Seize the opportunity to release your gifts and your passion.

An Exercise For Finding or Reclaiming Your Gifts and Passions

What are you so good at, that when you do it, it compels the world to pay attention,  like Obama made the world stop to look when he became president of the U.S.?  What is your gift? Everyone has at least one! No gift is too small. Even spinning a yoyo, can be a special gift, which gains notoriety as many saw on America’s Got Talent. What is your gift?!

What does your spirit burn so deeply for, that you cannot leave this world without gifting it with that part of your heart? What is your passion?

Ask the questions over and over again until you get an answer. When you have the answers, develop a definite plan for realizing your gifts and your passion. Make this your definite purpose in life. Let your plan define the path on which you must walk to find unmatched success.

Take this from a lady realigned with her purpose and her passion after being booted (ok maybe terminated is a more accurate word) from a top corporation and gifted with a deadly stroke! What is the opportunity in front of you, right now!

Success in the Face of Failure and Illness

Many of you know I have been re-writing The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill, and sharing some of my early drafts with you. As I was working on Chapter 11, I heard a powerful message within me.

Your purpose is not to make the success principles of the great Napoleon Hill more accessible to others. It is to tell your incredible story, using the success principles of Napoleon Hill, so others can witness a true path to achieving their deepest desires.

Declare Failure and Start Over

Put bluntly, my purpose is to give you a part of my soul! I must declare what I have done thus far, as a failure – not a failure to succeed, for failure is interlocked with success. I declare what I have done a failure to touch you deep in your heart and in your gut, so much so that it moves you to action. I want you to find, like I have found, the incredible success that can come with failure and sickness; for failure and sickness can destroy our bodies and minds, or they can build us up more magnificently than ever before.

Many years ago I thought I was a failure. I was a disappointment to myself, because I had not reached the management level or made the money everyone thought I would. I felt like the high school diva, labelled most likely to succeed, but who got absolutely nowhere. Sure I got to the senior professional level; but I was supposed to be like Oprah! Wasn’t I?

My frustration was a definite factor in my having a stroke.  Now I was not only a failure, I was a middle-aged woman, struck with a serious illness. This is the point, where a lot of people give up. For me, it was the time I woke up. I woke up to myself, my failures and to my success.

My greatest success is the re-energizing of my life, which has me doing and achieving that which was previously out of my reach. This is the space in which I now find myself, despite being led by medical personnel to believe that I would be permanently disabled, wheelchair bound, and never able to work for the rest of my life. Four years after my stroke, I walk with a limp and cane; more importantly I am working, creating, and literally dancing, while still healing, body, mind and spirit.

Finding The Success Within Your Reach

The same process that led to my seemingly miraculous healing is causing success in all aspects of my life. How did I complete an entrepreneur program, start a business, get contracts for my business, and receive an award while still considered physically and mentally disabled? How did I start a successful Young Stroke Survivor Group? How was I selected to be a member of a leadership council in my church?

I looked deep inside me, connected with a higher power, asked myself these same questions and I found Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success. I saw that all I desired was not only possible, they were within my reach. I saw the gift of my failure and my illness, because they brought me to a doorway of success, which I had never seen before.

All that you want is within your reach. I will show you how I achieved what was proclaimed impossible four years ago, and I will use Napoleon Hill’s lifetime work, his twenty plus years of research to teach the laws that propels my success.

That is not to say I will not fail or be sick again, as I work to get across the point that we can all achieve our greatest desires, for we are the only ones standing in the way of our success. But each of my instances of failure and sickness is my gift, for  they reveal a new secret to reaching my goal of connecting with you, reaching you with the facts that you need to go sure-footedly on your way to accomplishing your dreams.

So I start over with the marriage of my story with the success laws of the late Napoleon Hill. Will you join your dream of success, your desire to achieve your great purpose, with our life purpose to teach you how?