How Surprising? Did I do that?

I was walking down a street yesterday, looking for a specific bank. I had already made several wrong turns and had to ask for directions. I saw a lady walking towards me; but I was scared to ask her, for she rocked and limped as she walked, as I do. Therefore I thought she may not be capable of directing me. Why? I concluded that she may be mentally disabled. How shocking! I was prejudging someone who was just like me!

Fortunately, I was able to push passed the ignorance in my head and force myself to ask the lady for directions. She happily gave me clear directions to exactly where I wanted to go.

However, what does it mean when prejudice is so ingrained in us, that we are unknowingly prejudiced against ourselves? A disabled person looks down on the disabled, the poor look down on the poor, one race looks down on itself, and so on.

There was a point in time when I thought that I was the exception. How foolish? The bottom line is that if I look down on one in my group, I am looking down on me too! All the misfortune I am bringing on them, I am bringing on me.

How do I change my thoughts, so that I can see myself as I truly am, be all that I am meant to be? Perhaps asking the question is the beginning.