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Taking a Road You Have Never Taken Before

Taking on something that you have never done before, can be like driving on a narrow, dark and curvy road, unable to see what is around the corner. It can be rather scary. For many, this is like doing business and socializing on the web. We feel we must travel on a road where we cannot be sure where it leads.

Taking the road to LinkedIn

I initially felt that way about LinkedIn, and came up with countless excuses why I could not get an account, build my profile, join a group, or build a group. Yet what was around the corner for me was the opportunity to connect, build relations, and market my services. Still LinkedIn was a bit intimidating, because it’s new and I was scared of looking bad.

Sometimes you have to look bad to look good. Looking bad is really about how we see ourselves. I saw myself as not good enough to go on LinkedIn. My resume was not ready, my website was not ready, my blog was not ready and the excuses went on.

What I Could Not See or Do Before

My excuses would not go away. So I had to feel the fear and take that road to where I cannot see, to places I have never gone before. After taking the leap, my perfectionist self, will tell you that my profile is yucky. However, my sensible self, will remind me that I am now connected with some great people, I know how to include Slideshare and Box.net files, and I know how to build LinkedIn groups well enough to get paid doing it.

LinkedIn is a social media site for professionals and businesses, who want to increase or maintain their visibility. If you are not on, get on! If you are on, join a group, start a group, or post some useful information. Just start using this incredible networking resource.

We are in the days and times when we have to take roads that we have never taken before, if we want to keep moving. Do you have a road you need to take to keep moving? What is stopping you?

Show Me You Know Me Marketing

Have you ever done something with good intentions, only to find out that people are seriously offended? That is a big issue for people and businesses in our increasingly interconnected world.  

Let’s take Nike as an example. In 2004, it’s “Chamber of Fear” commercial was banned by the State Administration of Radio, TV and Film in China, for insulting Chinese culture. The commercial, which borrowed from the ideas in Bruce’s Lee’s movies and video games, shows NBA star LeBron James combatting temptations. The problem is that these temptations were in the form of Chinese people and symbols of China like dragons, which are sacred to the Chinese culture. Check out the commercial.

Do you think the Chinese Government and some Chinese people cared that Nike and its advertisers did not mean to be offensive? The backlash happened because Nike advertisers didn’t do their homework. They made a big marketing error of not showing their target audience that they knew them.

In the same way, how many people are we potentially excluding from our social media or marketing efforts? For example, are we considering the culture of persons with disabilities, of which there are over 4.5 million in Canada and 50 million in the U.S.? What about the foreign-born population, representing 7 million in Canada and 40 million in the U.S.? Do we know what they need and how they feel about what we are saying or what we have to offer?  In our social media or marketing efforts, are we showing diverse people that we know them?

These days there is a lot of focus on customer relationship management (CRM). What may be equally or more important is what I call Diverse People Relationship Management (DPRM). This could prove a crucial factor when dealing with content management for our social media, websites, and other initiatives. To get people to give us their attention, we need to show them we know who they are.

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Making Big Money: Continuous Learning

Making a whole lot of money would cause many of us to smile brighter than a smilie face. That’s why we market our best talents and skills hoping that some organization or person is willing to pay big for what we have to offer.

Listening to multi-millionaire, Greg Habstritt of Simply Wealth Inc., I was forced to ask myself, are the areas in which I am working the ones that will enable me to build wealth? For which skill area am I seen as an automatic go-to person, someone who people trust and come to for assistance?  

I seem to be trusted by many as a go-to person for technology-based learning and information services. This doesn’t mean I am the best at it, but it is where my passion lies, where I am most creative, and trusted. What about you? Which area do you love, and are you seen as the automatic go-to person? Identify this, and we find our best chance for big money. 

I believe one reason why people tend to come to me for technology-based learning and information assistance is that I spend mega hours keeping up-to-date with the latest learning and development resources on the web. I don’t think any of us can say we are half-decent at anything, without keeping up-to-date with the explosion of brilliant information and creative ideas, that’s constantly populating the internet. As said by Abraham Lincoln:

“I don’t think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.”

My passion is to dig through various internet data mining sites to find knowledge and creative resources that we need to develop our minds, and grow in our big money skill areas.  For me, there is no sense having this weird ability and love, if I am not willing to develop it, and share it. So from now on, I will be posting more information about some worthwhile sites and resources for developing ourselves. Here are a few to start.

  • Check out Greg Habstritt’s Authority Formula blueprint. He removed the excellent free videos and publications, which he was using to market his rather costly but seemingly worthwhile, Authority Formula, training program. However, I downloaded the aforementioned publication earlier. It is a useful resource for taking a look at developing ourselves as trusted authorities that commands a lot of money for what we do.
  • Foursquare is a social networking application targeted at the mobile market. It ranks number 15 on Fast Company’s list of the world’s most innovative companies 2011. It uses GPS technology to help users check into places, meet up with friends and discover new places in a particular city. It is growing by leaps and bounds. I would love anyone who is using it to share their experience.
  • Slideshare is another increasingly popular service. Not only is it a great sight for posting slide presentations, a quick search through postings can generate some great learning resources in popular areas, such as social media.
  • The Social Media for Business presentation by PresentationAdvisors is great for those who want to understand the power of social media to transform their business. This subject is critical to those who are not yet using social media, or need to know how to effectively use it to generate results, in business.

Each week, I will share some of which I believe are among the most useful, educational and informative resources on the net. I also invite you to share your discoveries – for it is our collaboration that truly grows us and keeps us at the cutting edge of information.